Elderly person vs. PC, windows and Mr. GD Zilla

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Elderly person vs. PC, windows and Mr. GD Zilla
« on: May 22, 2010, 07:26:03 PM »
This was a fun way to spend some time this afternoon with my mom.   :-\

I got a frantic phone call from my elderly mom earlier.  She was freaking out about something and sounded all stressed out.  Given her age I was concerned that it was a health thing cuz she mentioned her diabetes blood sugar products and was making little sense other than expressing confusion and anger at random things.  I asked 'Mom R U ok?  Do I need to call 911, sounds like your blood sugar is way to low again'  She screamed back "No, my  ;curse; blood sugar is  'Fing ;curse; fine.  I'm trying to order more of my insulin and windows wont let me (followed by a lot more  ;curse; ;curse; ;curse;).  Windows wont let me logon the computer, it wont accept my password I type into the god damn MRzilla foxtrot screen that came up that wants it.  God damn MrZilla locked me out."  

Yes, she called mozilla firefox "god damn Mr. Zilla foxtrot".  

Relieved it wasn't a medical emergency I tried to lighten things up with some humor.  

"Ok mom, let me get this strait, Godzilla stole your password and locked you out of windows?  Is that right?"  Mom:  "yes,  ;curse; fricking MrZilla."  
Me (had to have a little fun with this!):  "That's weird, MrZilla is usually outside looking into locked windows.  Did he run off and climb up a tall building with it and are they dispatching planes?"
Her:  "For the free shipping deal I think the insulin supply place uses ground shipping.  The stuff is shipped from a warehouse in Ohio.  I don't think they have tall buildings there."

Headed over to do a help mom nerd herd call since talking though it on the phone was going nowhere.  Mom was on the wrong website to place her order cuz she made a typo when entering the URL for the distributor that had the discount deal.  


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