Blind Law School Graduates Sue the National Conference of Bar Examiners

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Saw something interesting in the ClearAdmit blog today:

Three blind law school graduates, who were allowed to use screen-access software during law school, have been denied the right to use specialized computer-based aides on the Multistate Bar Examination portion of the Maryland bar exam.  Earlier this year, UCLA School of Law graduate Stephanie Enyart fought the same battle and was awarded permission by a judge to use screen-reader computer software on the Multistate Bar Examination section of the California exam.  Her case is on hold, however, as the National Conference of Bar Examiners (NCBE), the agency responsible for administering the Multistate portion of the exam nationwide, filed an appeal that has suspended the court order.

I would imagine that any sort of denial on the part of the NCBE to provide these law grads with the appropriate software to complete things violates the Americans With Disabilities is it possible that they're able to deny them in the first place?
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