February 2018 LSAT Scored Sections

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February 2018 LSAT Scored Sections
« on: February 10, 2018, 06:29:06 PM »
Scored Sections

Real Logic Games (not necessarily in order)

        Order of five students' seating arrangements/assignments
        5 different classes (management) in an upper lecture hall and a lower lecture hall
        Guards investigation in a museum (burglary and sounds/noises)
        Three Econ classes (prerequisites or not)

Real Reading Comprehension (not necessarily in order)

        Arguments for and against lengthening the copyright laws on books (comparative)
        Beetle larvae protected from ants due to cottonwood trees' defensive mechanisms after being felled by a beaver
        Alain Locke (WEB Du Bois; African American adult education)
        Lying and democracy

Real Logical Reasoning (definitely not in order)

        ET (like the movie)
        Computer graphics company's failed marketing campaign (first question of real LR section)
        Family staying at a motel has bad experience (near beginning of real LR section)
        Brown bats and white noise disease
        Probiotics preventing babies from coughing
        Adults with Vitamin B6
        Employee email spies
        Cancer in Pilots
        Rehab workout shoes
        Mom's speaking in mellow voice to infants
        Sustainable Amazon trees
        Japanese bells from the 11th and 12th centuries
        Illiteracy rates (high and low)
        Ivy growing on sides of building